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Old Navy

I don't know about y'all but I will go ahead and say I am kind of a sucker for some Old Navy. Back in the day I would curse my mother for making me go there and buy school clothes but now-days they have stepped it up a notch! Sometimes I web browse/in-store shop and I find nothing, nada, in fact some seasons their stuff just sucks. However some season they hit the jackpot, my jackpot, and I buy way too much. This would be one of those seasons...
Old Navy Spring 2012

I mean come on! Y'all cannot tell me there isn't something in that set above you don't love and want?!? please still excuse the blog mess! I have picked out my design and just waiting on it to be installed!! WHOOO! ps. is anyone having SERIOUS issues with blogger? This post is probably all whacked out! But hey at least it let me post!


  1. I have only stepped foot in an Old Navy once when I was like 10. But wow, I would have never guess any of this was from Old Navy. Looks like I will be making a trip soon! Love the flats!!

  2. I haven't been to Old Navy in FOREVER. Looks like I need to go though!

  3. All of that is from Old Navy?! I have to do some online shopping now! I love the bikini, sunglasses, and skirt the most :)

    1. Yes girl, ALL from Old Navy!!! I am serious when I say some seasons they hit the jackpot!! LOVE that swimsuit and glasses!! Im goin tomorrow to see what I can find in stores!! But online is always better!


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