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Rest & Relaxation

First off- Thank y'al for the sweet feedback about the new layout and design! There are still  a few things I want to fix up but for now I am SO happy! 

So Friday Jeremy and I headed to the beach so see his family, so lucky they live AT the beach!! It was such a relaxing weekend filled with way too much food, lots of family and plenty of laughs! And as always I will re-cap my week with pictures! 

OOTD on Friday!
Top- Nordstrom Rack
Skirt- F21

I was way excited about packing bathing suits!
You can get the striped one here!

J was tired from work and slept most of the way on the 4 hour drive! Lucky him! haha but he is kind of adorable sleeping! 

Saturday was pretty icky weather, on and off thunderstorms but I managed to sit on the beach for about 15 min!

I lived at this beach Freshman year and worked at a little burger/fry joint and I always have to go back when I'm in town! 

My little humble abode Freshman year, I loved this house and my roommates! Miss it so much! 

 Had a Target trip before I left town on Friday and scooped up this adorable dress! 
Find it here!

Saturday night after dinner Jeremy's cousin said something about the saltine cracker challenge- 10 saltines in less than a minute with nothing to drink. It is apparently almost impossible since they make your mouth so dry! His other cousin decided to take on this challenge... 
Its quite funny.

Sunday was perfect weather! Finally got some sun! 

Well, maybe a little too much sun... I hurt. 

How was y'alls weekend? Anything super fun?


  1. seriously loving those swimsuits!

    1. Thanks! Floral is from Old Navy last summer and the stripes is from VS!

  2. Ummm I love that dress. LOVE that dress.

  3. Girrrrl be careful with that gorgeous skin!! I love that floppy hat & your new Tarjay dress! What exactly was that you ate at your old burger joint? Looks totally bad and yet oh-so-good! Great weekend. :)

    1. OMG Chicken Philly with cheese and overload on jalapeños! Skinny AND Sweet potato fries withhhhh cinnamon butter. SO bad oh SO good!!!

  4. looks like fun! you look gorgeous in all those dresses!

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend :) I love the beach and all those adorable outfits!

  6. I LOVE that dress from Target! Glad you had a great wknd at the beach : )

  7. That dress is adorable. I didn't see that one this weekend.


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