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Sleep Creep

So I'm gonna do it...
I am so sorry.
 I am doing a post on my love for my man and something that seriously makes me wanna cry. 

There are some days when I can't stand the 10 hours I am away from him and there are some days I wanna freakin' smack him up-side the head and say "what in the hell are you thinking?!?" 

But then there are the nights, the nights where I don't sleep (which is 9 out of 10) and the nights where I look over and he is sound asleep, so content, so peaceful. 

I fall deeper in love.

It's just something about his face when he sleeps, he looks so content, so peaceful, like everything is good and wonderful. 
It's that face I love, I also love the little snoring noises he makes. 
He makes this slight snoring sound when he's ready for bed and just tired enough. 
It's almost like a whistle, it's odd but it's him. 
And I love it. 

I really noticed it the other night after a long conversation we had. About how he said he feels so comfortable, content and peaceful around me. About how he said even if he is with ten of his best friends, all he wants to do is be around me and know what I'm doing. And how no matter what he just wants me to be beside him, either sleeping or hanging out, he wants me beside him.
This makes me happy. This makes me know that I am him and he is mine, 

You can gag now, slap me for writing this and possibly even stop following me because I did such a post as this! But it's true, when I watch this man sleep, it makes me know that he loves me, and I love him. 
And it is perfect. 

Ehh lets be honest, it may be the fact that he wears pants such as this, and who wouldn't love a man in silk pj's like this?!?

He is happy, he is content, and if he were ever up past me, I am sure he would say the same! Although we all know that will NEVER happen! I am a serious night owl.

So I will stop now. Seriously sorry for the sappy post. 

What do y'all love about your significant others? Is it as seriously kinda gay as mine??

NO?? ok, fine. Maybe I'm just a creeper... 


  1. If you're a creeper, then I am too! :). I love watching my husband sleep, eveythings so peaceful. Love this post!

  2. My boyfriend would MURDER me if I took a picture of him sleeping but this post is presh! Guys do look so sweet when they are sleeping :) So happy you are so happy!

  3. Haha this is so precious! I take pictures of my boyfriend sleeping all the time and I think the same thing! He never snores but was the other day and I video taped it on my phone. I think it's adorable but he wants to strangle me. I don't think you should have any shame in this post! :)


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