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Why Is It Called Spring Break?

When it is the first week of March and it's still 30 flipping degrees outside! 
This isn't spring, this sucks. 

Oh well! 
This past weekend was full of fun, no worries, I'll fill you in!
On Friday I got to spend some good time with Jeremy, relaxing time and fun time. I really love just being with him, he makes me laugh and smile. It's always a good time :) 

Saturday I was debating on leaving town because of the CIAA Tournament. It was a bit of madness in downtown. Too many people, way too many cars and all of my favorite places were packed wall to wall with mile long lines to get in. I decided to leave a day early and go visit Emily! Her family was throwing a house warming party and she kindly invited me, it was one heck of a fun night!!

Snapshots of the night via iPhone...

Shirt- Fab'rik
Necklace- Sylvia Benson
Jeans- Martin & Osa 
Shoes- Old Navy 

-Emily & her precious mama! Such a sweet woman! 
-Dingo, the cutest dog on the planet!
-Mirror pictures were necessary as we had asked like 12 people to take our picture and they were all blurry 

We clearly spent most of the evening with Dingo. He was scared of all the children so we just kid-napped him!

We ended the evening with "G-Force" cocktails... omg. death. 

So as of yesterday I will be playing mommy to two kiddos till Friday! WHOOO haha their parents are relaxing in some Florida weather and I get to be soccer mom status all week! I've known and been babysitting these kids for close to 10 years now so I actually really enjoy getting to see them! 
-Lacrosse & Soccer EVERY night this week! save me now.
-Homework out my ears, KB forgot to write a paper and so last minute the iPhone came in handy and I googled some answers. Crisis adverted, Nanny Bre saved the day!
-Meet my 14 year old guard dog, Charlie. Sweetest thing alive! He doesn't like cameras...

Say a prayer for me now, Thank goodness they're in school from 8-3, for now I'm munch in on cheez-its and watching Grey's Anatomy re-runs, possibly getting a mani/pedi. Isn't that what stay at home moms do?!? Just Kidding! 

Have a fabulous week dolls!

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  1. LOVE the necklace! You look so cute

  2. I love your blouse and necklace - what a great outfit girl!!

  3. So fun! I want to come hang out with y'all! And I just love your glasses. so cute.

  4. oh no! its been super warm in Virginia, hope it gets nicer for you =]


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