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Top 5 Tuesday!

Just Peachy

As always linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday! This week is hair products and this makes me VERY excited because I have been LOVING some hair products lately!!!
Top 5 Hair Products!
1. My everyday go-to hair product. Tresemme Hair Spray!
 This is the BEST (drugstore) hairspray I have ever used! I LOVE it and it’s such a great price, usually CVS does a buy one, get one free every month or so!

2. Moroccanoil Hydrating Style Cream
I have just recently started using this stuff and I am hooked! I put this ONLY on the very ends of my wet hair after showering, it makes then very smooth and have a "put together" look once I blow dry my hair!

3. Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray
 HOLY MOLY I swear by this stuff! I do not wash my hair daily so this is my "2nd day look" go-to. I love the smell of it and this stuff really works for me! Makes my hair full of volume and fresh looking! It also works wonderfully as a pre-curling spray. Spray it lightly over your strand before curling and your curls will hold ALL DAY!!! YAY!

4. Miss. Jessie's Quick Curls
 I have only used this stuff twice but I can tell that it is a much better "gel" than anything else I have ever tried. My hair is natural quite cray-cray when it comes to the curls and this stuff works nicely to calm the frizz and out-of-control-ness!

5. Matrix Biolage Intensive Strengthening Mask
 I only use this once a week in the shower. It is a serious mask for your heat damaged or color treated hair. I put it about half way down my strands to the end and leave on for about 4-5 minutes in the shower then rinse out; you will notice a difference instantly in the shine and feel of your hair!

LAST but certainly not least I am LOVING taking Biotin! I take 1,000mg a day and I have seriously noticed a huge difference in the look, shine and strength of my hair! I went home on Friday and even my step-dad said my hair was looking amazing! Not only that, my nails are also looking great! They are much stronger and they do not break as easily! If you're not taking Biotin then I highly suggest you get on it, 5 minutes ago. 

OH and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Emily!!! Go show my girl some love! 


  1. I love trese mae it's my fav! What a fun linkup!

    Xx Kelly

  2. I took Biotin for a long time! I love it & it really does work great!! xO

  3. I love Moroccan Oil!!

  4. I want to try the dry shampoo and biotin! :D



    Tagged you in a post love :)


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