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Awkward & Awesome

Totally going to pretend like I am some high fashion blogger and throw in an outfit on todays post. I just decided I'm cool like that. (but I'm not, I'm just loving my outfit today) 
Shirt- H&M, Skirt- (actually a maxi dress) Nordstrom, Shoes- Old Navy, Lips- MAC

-Laying out on our rooftop while creepy old construction men are working on the outdoor kitchen. "Oh hey, could you stop checking me out? Also, pull your jaw up, my friends boobs are real."
-Jeremy coming home every evening and turning the TV on, and its always on Lifetime. Why yes I am 60 years old. 
-Some of Jeremy's family is coming to visit for the evening on their way to the beach, but I've never met them before and they will be here before Jeremy gets home. I don't do well with meeting family members. I'm getting anxiety.
-Starting to run a few times a week with Jeremy, he is in shape, moi is not. The dry heaving and huffing and puffing is awkward, really awkward. 

-My grades this semester, I'm a beast at Anatomy. 
-My grocery shopping skills, I bought 110 items and spent $178, nothing over $5. We have food for dayssssss and I love it.
-Lifetime channel. All day, every day. I love it. 
-Old Navy this season, or
-Going home this weekend to a house FULL of family. 4 beds, 13 people. BAM! I'm gonna need a lot of melatonin. 


  1. You look pretty and I love your outfit :)


  2. Good luck with meeting his family!

    Cute outfit!

  3. I LOVE your outfit! I've been searching for the perfect maxi skirt!

  4. LOVE your outfit! And good luck with the fam...I'm really awkward with family I don't know too. But I know being home with your fam will be amazing!

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