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Bachelorette Weekend!

So sorry about the delay in my post, I am in serious recovery from the bachelorette weekend! Oh my party...

Thursday OOTD
Dress- Old Navy
Shoes- MRKT

Thursday night Rachel (The Bride) had an event at her salon and I got all pampered! Southern pampered that is.. BIG hair!

Rachel & I 

Friday morning we were up bright and early to start the errands and drive to the beach! 

We stopped for a 10 am fro-yo. totally necessary.

5 girls, one car. 

Pit stop in Irmo... "home of the Okra Strut?!?"

After 2 grocery store stops and the Bride busting her ass in a Piggy Wiggly (thanks to road drinks) we finally made it to the beach!! 

Bride in a tree... totally normal. 

This was also a totally necessary purchase...

"Alaska" as she was called all night long!

Dunzo Bride...

Saturday was kind of a nasty day but one beer on the beach was a must! 

And toe touches...

straight up hot mess right here. 

Saturday night was more of a dress up and go out like adults night. The 4 hair dressers I was staying with made me happy. Big hair again, loves it. 

 We all wore "hello my name is" tags out that night, wish I could tell y'all what they all said, but that would just not be appropriate!!

It was such an amazing weekend and I met 7 new friends! 


  1. Love your hair!! Glad y'all had a great time!!

  2. Love that first outfit! :) Looks like y'all had a great time!:)

  3. Looks like so much fun! And I LOVE your hair and outfits.

  4. Your hello dress is awesome!! Love bachelorette parties :) :)

  5. Sounds like y'all had an awesome time! So fun! I would love staying with 4 hair dressers. I wish I could have someone do my hair every day.

  6. it sounds like y'all had so much fun! I would love to spend a weekend with 4 hairdressers... fixing my hair is my LEAST favorite thing. and that t-shirt is hilarious. definitely a necessary purchase.


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