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Birchbox vs. My Glam

This is my first ever vs. post! 
I really don't like declaring a "winner" on things such as this but after months of subscribing to both companies there is a clear winner here, its Birchbox, and here's why...

My Glam started back in December, for $10 a month you get a small cosmetic bag with 4-5 sample size or full size products! I signed up because December's bag looked amazing, and it was! I ranted and raved about the product here because it was a bag full of awesome stuff! 
Then January rolled around and I was charged for two bags, fine with me double the awesome products, Wen hair care was going to be in that bag! BUT both bags I was charged for NEVER showed up. Lost somewhere off in the mail claimed the company. They sent me two february bags for free to make up for January. Great, except February's bag sucked! It had two teeny tiny samples, ROLL ON FREAKING GLITTER and a coupon code for some bogus company that sells cheesy looking extensions and tacky zebra painted straighteners. not cool. 
I totally forgot to cancel my subscription for March and I ended up getting a March bag also, it was ok. The face mask was awesome and there was a lip cream that I kind of like but otherwise the bag sucked, again. Another coupon code and more teeny tiny samples. 
I could keep going but I won't, I cancelled my subscription and I doubt I will ever be subscribing to them again! Poor customer service and awful products made me write the bad rep for that company! 
If you would like to, you can subscribe to My Glam HERE!

Birchbox on the other hand is awesome, I've only gotten 3 boxes from them so far, but every month I have been impressed! Large samples or full size products and I've even gotten awesome nail polishes! They are also only $10 and I love how they present the products. The box is better for me because lets be honest I already have a million cosmetic bags, I don't need anymore. I love how they give you descriptions of each product and where to buy and how much full sizes are. There is just something about the professionalism of Birchbox and how they present their products! 
I know many of you probably already subscribe to Birchbox but if you don't them you should! 
You can subscribe to Birchbox HERE, they do have a waiting line but it only took a few days for me to get an invite! 

Pro to both: they have free shipping! 

Have you ladies ever tried either one? 

*In no way was I paid or compensated by these companies to write this, this is my honest opinion and my own words about both companies! 


  1. Ugh, I am so with you on MyGlam! The first one was the only one that had anything decent. I cancelled after I got the line green roll on glitter, seriously?!? Ha!!

  2. I love birchbox!! So so amazing :)
    Did you design your blog layout??

  3. ehhh I wasn't a fan of Birchbox but only because a lot of the samples are so small - you can just go to Sephora and get those samples for free. I mean, the company was great and like you said the professionalism was there. I just wasn't impressed with the stuff I got. It was a gift, though, so I'm not complaining! I just didn't renew when my free 3 months were up.

  4. Love the new design :) very cute

    Glad to know birchbox is the way to go!

    and last, I'll text you soon about this weekend!

  5. I want to get BirchBox so badly - I put myself on the wait list a little over a week ago and I am STILL waiting to be able to sign up! Or maybe it hasn't actually been over a week yet, and I am just impatient... I honestly can't remember! But I want to sign up!!

  6. The Nume coupon code was amazing! Yes extensions are cheesy blah blah. But their curling wands, etc are amazing. And that was a free $100 off. You could've got a $125 hair wand for $25.

  7. The Nume coupon code was amazing! Yes extensions are cheesy blah blah. But their curling wands, etc are amazing. And that was a free $100 off. You could've got a $125 hair wand for $25.


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