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Dress Me!

I have a wedding to attend this coming Saturday and I currently have no idea what I want to wear, so this is where I recruit you guys! 

Help me choose what to wear! The wedding is at 5:30pm, I know this girl very well and we are really good friends, she has told me that whatever I wear will probably be better than most the people attending so I decided to ignore the optional black tie memo. She said they only put this so people didn't show up in jeans! Cracks me up! 

These are my choices! 

This is my top choice! Comfortable dress and shoes, I would dazzle this up with some gold jewelry and possibly a black blazer if its chilly!

 Not really wild about this one, I am kind of over the one shoulder trend! But the dress is very pretty on and is actually a good fit on me, hits me just above the knees! 

LOVE this dress but there is a small red wine stain front and center on it! I have tried once to get it out but no luck! If I can get the stain out then I would love to wear this dress, possibly with my round toe nude heels instead of the dark brown, less chunky! 

Which one would y'all suggest for me to wear? And any suggestions on how to get a red wine stain out of linen fabric? 

Also I have made a button for Basically Bre! Not sure if I love it but it was my first time making one so I'm pretty pleased! Feel free to add it anywhere you would like! 
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  1. First one! Feminine and sexy! You'll look amazing in any of them tho!

  2. I love the orange one! Nude heels would be the way to go if I wore it.

  3. Definitely the first one with gold jewelry! It is the best option for spring/summer!

  4. I like the first one! So pretty and classic!

  5. Def 100% the first one! It's freaking adorable & perfect for spring!

  6. The first one! It's perfect!


  7. i'm all about one shoulder, so that's my pick (:

  8. I love all of them, but I'm going to say that you have to wear the first one!

  9. The first one, but with the third ones shoes; I would do open toes with nails matched to the dress! Have fun!

  10. i love the first one w pearls or soft feminine gold touches. super cute!

  11. I like them all! I'd wear the first one to the wedding, it looks really elegant! That orange dress is adorable though!

  12. I really like the second outfit - especially those shoes!!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo