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The Interview

Happy Friday Dolls! 

This morning I had an interview for an amazing position, I will supply details once the job is secured! 
I like to think of myself as a professional person, I know how to dress well and act in situation such as a first interview. BUT others don't... holy moly. My interview was at the HR headquarters for this hospital so there were many people in the waiting room interviewing for various jobs and I am really not trying to be rude but ladies, and one gent, lets not look like a hot mess. Got me?

I mean one woman was wearing a spaghetti strap dress with sandals, one woman had on 5" platform LEOPARD print heels oh and her tatas were saying hello!!! The one man waiting had a wrinkled blue shirt that was totally unbuttoned to his belly button and an awful jacket over said wrinkle shirt!

AH it just makes me so mad! Did these people never ever google interview clothing? I am ALL about adding a little flair or personality to your outfit to make yourself different but leopard print and spaghetti straps are not it! 

I put together an outfit, very similar to what I wore today of something that should be a staple outfit for a first interview!
Interview Outfit

-Black & White are a must, the blazer really adds the touch that says "I can be professional and look good" 
-I like to wear off-white, classic white is too much for me and I love some ruffle or bows on the chest area! I had a huge bow around my neckline today!
-The simple black, low, heel is classy and will keep you feet comfortable for whatever you may be doing or wherever you may be walking! I bought my heels from Target for $30 and they are so comfy and perfect! -My pencil skirt came with a brown belt, if you would like to add a simple and subtle color skinny belt I think that is a great way to add your style!
-Keep the jewelry simple, a gold watch with pearls or gold studs is perfect. I always say wear a watch, it shows you know what time it is and you were early, not late for the interview! 
-Black bag, large enough to hold your padfolio, planner and whatever else you may need for the interview! 
-And as for me, thats my little padfolio, Jeremy about died when he saw me carrying it out the door. But hey thats my style, if I gotta wear a boring blazer and skirt then lemme have my fun folder!!

Have you ladies ever seen what I'm talking about? Just totally unprofessional looking people at an interview? ah! It just kills me!!!


  1. I hate when people look unprofessional for an interview. When I was interviewing, I probably googled "professional wear" a thousand times.

  2. Good luck! Hope you get it!!:)) And that interview outfit is cute!

  3. Good luck!! I hope you get the job--your OOTD on Instagram was perfect for an interview! I definitely think there are way too many people who don't know how to dress professionaly!! Have a great wknd <3

  4. I bet you looked great!! I too bring a notebook pad :)


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