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My long lost BFF

Today I realized that it has been almost one year since I began blogging, that got me thinking about my life one year ago. Which then got me thinking about my job last year. I miss my job, I miss it terribly! I was a nanny to the sweetest little girl on earth! She was such a joy to be with everyday! I worked for such an amazing family and I really miss working for them!   

So let's take stroll down memory lane shall we? Oh and please don't comment on my extreme hair colors in these pictures, I went through a lot of personal stuff during this job and that always lead to some extreme hair color?!?

Meet my BFF Sophie...

We went to Florida together to watch her parents get married, so fun! 

We would often have photo shoots on my macbook

She loved to show people how much she loved them!

Being a dog was a daily activity, it included crawling, barking and licking...

Which brings me to this picture, licking people? really Soph?

Getting her nails did was a must... Thanks Amanda! 

 When I started my clinicals last spring she got a kick out of my stethoscope and ID badge, she would hide them from me so I wouldn't leave her for the hospital

Then she got too cool for me and thats where we went our separate ways. haha

This is her today! So grown up!

Ok I know that was so cheesy and yes I just pretended like a 1 year old and I were best friends, but we were and I miss her!!


  1. OH MY GOSH she has grown up so much!!!!!! I miss her sweet face!!

  2. Too sweet! I bet that was a fun job! I think your hair looked great! You can pull off blonde and brunette! Have a happy Thursday!

  3. She's precious!! I love the one of her with your stethoscope, that face is too funny!

  4. So cute! And yes she's so big now! This made me miss my friend's baby who we were playing with last night. :)


  5. That little girl is so precious! Love your blog!

  6. That is so sweet! I nannied for a Sophie one summer when she was a newborn, and now she's 4. It's crazy how fast they grow up!


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