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Who's Your Doppelgänger?

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

Wonderful Wednesday Ladies! Linking-up today with Raven for who's your doppelgänger! 
I have never done this before and I really don't ever get told I look like anyone but I figured this would be fun!!
Oh and was it fun. Apparently I am a man. 

First website gave me these results...

Hayden I'm ok with!
Fashion model, I'll take it!!

then I tried another website and laughed my ass off...
I am a man. 
Tried it one more time with the older picture of me... 

Still no duplicate matches besides Ashanti, and I just don't see that...

So guys, I have no doppelgänger! I am just plain 'ol me! 

Who do y'all think I look like?


  1. Hahahaha! I'm laughing at your comment on the 3rd one! LOL


  2. In your second picture you look a little like Mariah Carey. From her good singing days, not from recently.

  3. Fred Durst?! What?! Hahaha, that is crazy!

  4. fred durst and jason statham are pretty hot! it could have been worse guys.

  5. Hahaha omg this is too funny. I am way too scared to do this for myself! One day I'm sure I will though to kill my suspense!

  6. Omgggg this is hilarious! Too funny! I love finding doppelgängers. I'm gonna have to try that site!

  7. I think it's hilarious how many people got matched up with men!! The first two you did look pretty good though!

  8. Hahahahh oh my goodness, that is too funny! You literally look NOTHING like the people in that third picture!! I would say the best is Brittany Snow!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo