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I'm A Working Girl!

So as many of you know via Twitter or just being my friends, I got the job I interviewed for a few weeks ago! YAY! 

I will be floating between two hospitals and on four different floors assisting in surgical recovery and general practice! The job starts off as a 12 week paid internship and then will turn into a full or part time position once I pick the floor and hospital I want to work on and depending on the open positions at the time! Come fall I will choose part time since I am still in school but this summer its full time, bring on the 12 hour shifts!!! Can't wait! 

So starting today and until June 3rd I will be working 8-5 for orientation at both hospitals and all four floors! 
I do not get to wear my comfy scrubs for these three weeks so sassy pants that I am have to start planning out some business professional outfits! I am confident and a-okay with todays but you working women need to help me out! 
I have a TON of dresses I can wear with blazers or cardigans but I don't know office etiquette! Last year I was allowed to work in jeans and scrubs soooo I've never really had to look presentable on a daily basis, and at 7am! 

How short is too short for a dress? 
How many inches should my hem hit above my knee?
Are wide leg black trousers appropriate? (they look like these!)
 Is a hot pink blouse with ruffles too much? 

SO many questions running through my mind!

Also- fellow nursing ladies, how do I survive a 12 hour shift? I like Diet Coke and coffee but I can only have so much or else I get crazy shakes and no one wants a shaky nurse! Also how do I sleep during the day if I work at night?

Ok so you get the point, I am flooding my mind with questions! 
Any advice at all I would love to hear! 


  1. I work part time as a marketing specialist at a credit union. We have a pretty old school dress code. Dresses no more than 2 in above the knee. I wear a lot pencil skirts the ones from Old Navy are great. Pink shirt with ruffles is NOT too much :) Our HR tells us if you have to think twice about it, don't wear it. Good advice. I am sure you will always look super cute and professional! Good luck on your new job!

  2. Congrats!!! That is so exciting! :)

  3. Congrats girl--so happy for you!!

  4. aww yay congrats on the job gf!

  5. Congrats girl!! My rule of thumb is dresses and skirts should be at least fingertip length. It may seem silly, but it works for me. As a teacher I'm always in need of energy. I eat lots of small meals throughout the day with protein. Try to avoid lots of sugary snacks because they will cause a major crash. And always, always have coffee or that lovely Diet Coke close by!

  6. 12 hour shifts are tough, especially midnites! just make sure to get like a 2 hour nap in the afternoon before you go in. i don't think you will adjust bc i haven't yet! hopefully you'll be moving to days soon, haha!

    1. I actually got switched to days today for the next 3 weeks! I will have my first 12 on Thursday! I'll let ya know how it goes!

  7. Congrats! I'm always hanging around Presby and Levine, so maybe I'll see you hard at work! For the clothing, I'd go with a few inches above the knee. Just make sure you're careful about bending over in skirts or dresses - you don't want to be the girl who flashed the whole floor on your first week!

  8. Congrats on the job!! I work 12 hour shifts, they are long but worth it for the days off that we have :)


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