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Life Lately

Knock, knock...
is anyone home? 
Well I am now, but I apologize for my lack of blogging for so long! 
Since I am such a picture person I figured I would catch y'all up on my life recently via the good 'ol iPhone pictures!

Last weekend my sister and her friend came to town and Jeremy and I took them to the J. Cole & Drake concert! It was so much fun! I am such a Drake lover!!

The weather here is NC has been gorgeous! We have truly been enjoying our rooftop pool every chance we get! 

I learned a really cool nail painting tip... if you slap on a coat of white under pink or any other light color it becomes AWESOME. The colors are so much more vibrant and pretty! 
1.One coat of  Essie "Blanc" then two coats of "Lights" 2.Essie- Bikini So Teeny!

I have started working night shifts and they have been a tad bit grueling! I am pretty busy for most of the night but around 2am things get real quiet and there is some down time... I've also learned that between 2am-5am Diet Coke doesn't cut it, these babies sure do though! 

This weekend we headed to Surf City to a friends beach house and had such an amazing weekend! We laughed, played, soaked up the sun and enjoyed a few cocktails with such amazing friends! I am so lucky to know all of them! 
Friday night we arrived pretty late so some card games were played and then lights were out for me, I only had a few hours of sleep the day before! Saturday was spent on the beach then we headed to an amazing little bistro in town!

(sadly the necklace is totally sold out in all colors!)

Sunday was spent lounging on the beach ALL day long then we headed to Wilmington to re-live freshman year and enjoy the most delicious food (in my opinion) in all of Wrightsville at Oceanic!
My dress this night was also from Vestique! It is such a beautiful dress on! 

Monday was a relaxing day on the beach as well, unfortunately we all laid out under umbrellas due to over sun exposure, aka sun burn. But it still was an awesome day!

Bathing suit- Victorias Secret

and of course me on the way home... thanks for this honey, I love you too! 

How has yall's week been? Hope everyone had an awesome and safe Memorial Day weekend! 


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! LOVE your dress.

  2. Love love that dress! Looks like you hve been busy! I would have passed out too! :) lol.

  3. love that green/teal dress! & that swimsuit!

  4. I'm trying out that white nail polish trick today, genius!
    And I can't begin to tell you how badly I want to raid your closet.. you are always dressed to the 9's in the cutest outfits!

  5. LOVE that dress lady! So pretty!!!!

  6. i love that essie blue color! def going to pick it up!

  7. From 2-5am I want to shoot myself lol, thanks for the drink tip!

  8. All of your pictures are too cute! Love your swim suit..and the color combo of the green dress and orange necklace. :)
    Where did you friend get that amazing colored maxi??? I must know! Tweet me @jess_tib please. :)


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