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Put A Bow On It!

I am all about some girly bows!
I recently purchased a pair of shorts from H&M that has a bow as the belt/tie on the shorts, I was very hesitant to try these since the bow was kind of large and I thought, made me look very young. Long story short, I love these shorts now! I get so many compliments on them when I wear them! 

I am LOVING all of these bow shorts, especially the blue ones! 

Would y'all ever wear this trend? 


  1. I'm absolutely in love with bows and I would definitely try those shorts! Although I don't have any like that already, I love the black with the scalloped edges around the legs!

  2. LOVE them on you! they look adorable. Must pop in H&M ;)

  3. You're making me wish that I didn't have a no shopping challenge to myself this month! ;)


  4. YES! I've been on the look out for those shorts ever since the first day you posted them! NEED. Going to H&M within this next week.

  5. Love them. I have been contemplating getting a pair for a while, think I just need to bite the bullet and do it.

  6. I love those black ones you shared! They are the perfect "going out" shorts.

  7. so super cute! i love both outfits, i'm heading there tomorrow and i'll keep an eye out for these!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo