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I used to do a what I'm loving Wednesday post all the time but I don't really do them much anymore. Due to my life flipping upside down with night shifts I decided my creativity is out the window today, so not only am I posting this at 5pm but this is all your getting today honey!

-I am loving the weather! Last night we had a HUGE storm and it made the air feel so calm and cool this morning! Not to mention I kept opening patients windows last night to listen to the rain, I told them the noise would help them sleep! haha

- I am loving that Emily is coming to town tomorrow and I am sure we will grab some Starbucks and do some damage on the debit accounts once she arrives! yay!

- I am LOVING that I am headed to the beach on Friday! This will probably be the only beac vacay I get this summer so I am going to relax, sit on my bum and enjoy every second of it!

- I am loving that about 14 hours from now my work week is over! 

- I am loving my friend Brooke and how hard she has been working for her new company, Daily Chic!! She did an adorable video last night that really shows people that posing for that cover shot isn't as easy as it looks! 

oh and ignore the loser in the neon shorts ;) 

What are y'all loving today?


  1. im jealous youre going to the beach! but im loving that i turned 21 yesterday!

  2. I just found your blog (newest follower) and love it! Sometimes its good to switch up your blogging schedule to give yourself more freedom :)

    xo Georgina


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