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Confessional Friday

                                             Source: via Arlin on Pinterest

-I confess that my apartment looks like a bomb between fast food cups and clothing exploded and I don't know what to do about it. I do not want to clean it up and I just want to keep staring at it in hopes that it will clean itself up.

-I confess that the last 6 transactions on my debit account have been fast food or from the cafeteria at work

-I confess that as much as I would love to be a healthy eater and cook all these awesome healthy recipes with veggies and fruit and what not. I just don't care. My Doritos taco and hush puppies are far more delicious that your kale smoothie will ever be

-I confess for Jeremy that he reads my blog & I think he enjoys it. Hi honey! 

-I confess that me and my friend Rachel soaked up some sun yesterday with high hopes of running errands and possibly getting our nails done... but then we found a un-drank bottle of wine and a pizza oh and How I Met Your Mother was on Netflix 

-I confess that it makes me totally elated and I jump around on the inside when I see how awesome my followers are and how sweet all your comments are! Oh, and over 200 followers?!? Y'all kick ass! 

What are your confessions? Be sure to link-up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition!!

ps. I'm off to the Outer Banks for like 9 days, I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up for next week! Have a great weekend loves! 


  1. How I Met Your Mother is mine and my hubby's fav! We live for week nights when we can relax on the couch and turn it on Netflix!

  2. bahahaa!! bottle of wine and pizza!! who wants sunburn when you can have vino/netflix!!??

  3. LOL Good luck with your apartment and have fun on your trip :)


  4. Visiting from Confessional Friday!

    Don't you worry, my place looks like a disaster area too. Hey, sometimes we working girls don't have the energy for cleaning, right?

    ...I just wish the cleaning fairy would magically stop by! ;)

    Happy Friday, girl!!

    [Life of Meg]

  5. Doritos tacos... just saying it makes my mouth water!

  6. Oh yummy food. Diorites tacos. :D. And hmm wine sounds good. N we love Ho wi met your mother. Go us right.

  7. Hahah - your confessions are too funny. I still need to try that Doritos taco but it does look delish!


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