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No heat beach waves!

Happy Monday! I am finally back from the 12 day vacation and as excited as I am to be home and in my own bed I do not want to be back to reality! 

First off, thank you to all of my wonderful guest bloggers! Loved every single one of yall's posts! 
While I was gone I tried a hairstyle I saw somewhere (can't remember if it was pinterest or a blog?!? sorry!) and I fell in love with it! It is a simple and easy way to create beach wavy hair with no heat or really any effort at all!

this was my hair the day after I "created" them!

Ok so step 1: start with wet hair, your hair doesn't need to be soaking wet but being too dry won't work either. Part your hair like you normally do and section it into two or three strands (as if you were creating pig tails) then twist these sections away from your face
I chose two strands to begin with but as time went on I realized the left side was too thick and divided it into two

As your hair dries just keep twisting ever so often, I don't have very thick hair so twisting alone works just fine on my hair. If you have thick or difficult hair then you may want to take a blow dryer to the twisted piece for just a few minutes to speed up the drying process!
As it dries you will notice the ringlets forming:

Once your hair is pretty much dry you can undo the ringlets and style as necessary:

It is super simple and creates such a beautiful natural look! I kept mine pretty tight and just undid them a little but if you pull them out all the way they were gorgeous also!


  1. wow that's such a cute and easy hairstyle! i will definitely be trying it out in the near future! thanks for sharing!
    also, your skirt is very cute! i've been looking for a cute maxi skirt, where on earth did you find it?

    1. I got the skirt from a little shop I was at last week at the beach! I seriously have NO clue where you could find the skirt but the tag says FreeDay. So maybe google FreeDay skirt? Sorry wish I could provide more direction!

  2. wow- that works well. i'll have to try :)

  3. I love that hairstyle! And your polka dot skirt... too cute :)

  4. I just saw this on a blog!! I didn't believe it would work but now I must try it!

  5. This is genius! Totally trying this stat!


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