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Trend Watch: faux leather pants

Ever since last fall I have been dying to try out a pair of leather skinnies! I don't know what it is about them that just makes me smile but I am on a serious hunt for a pair! Obviously I will not be purchasing a real leather pair because this chick can't afford $2,000 pants! But I hate how a lot of the "pleather" pants look like plastic, tough situation here. 
So far I have found that the "vegan" leather, and ones not priced at $9.99 from some Japanese company seem to look the best!

Right now I am loving these...

I kind of like how some of the pants are more like "leggings" these from Guess have been my favorite legging type so far, not too plastic looking! 

What do y'all think of the faux leather pant? Would you rock it?


  1. i love the look too! i saw a pair in the nordstrom sale catalog that i will definitely be checking out!

  2. Love! But don't know if I could pull them off! Dying to find some tho!


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