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Two bruised knees, one cut finger and a lot of cursing later...

I have finished my bedroom/closet maker-over! 
So my mom came to town on Thursday night and somehow around 1pm on Saturday we decided that we should re-do my room and organize my closet for maximum usage of the closet. What were we thinking??
After 4 hours at IKEA, another few hours at Home Depot and Walmart we began the face lift! 
Our bedroom was one thing I never really gave a lot of attention to when we moved because I figured I wouldn't really care and we didn't need to spend the money. I got tired of that thought real quick but nothing ever caught my eye as far as bedding goes. While we were at IKEA I saw some bedding that made me squeal with excitement! I then decided to add curtains, picture frames, and a small green plant. (lets pray I don't kill it) 
After all of that I decided that I needed to tackle my closet. Between Jeremy and I we own about 100 pairs of shoes and way too many clothes to even count. The shoes were taking over and we started shoving pairs anywhere we could find a spot and therefore I would forget about shoes I had. Our other issue was hanging space, everything fit but it was tight and with my abundance of dresses and skirts I was cramming Jeremy's suits onto the same rack and this did not please him. His suit jackets were moved to the hall closet and his shirts were always so wrinkled. 
I knew I had to purchase a wardrobe or armoire of some kind to either move my dresses or his suits. 
His suits won the closet, damn it. 

So i'll stop talking now and get to the pictures, now this is nothing fancy or anything to pin home about, but I am IN LOVE with everything I did this past weekend! 

 I still have NO idea what to put on the wall behind our bed, every time I think something will work I try it and the wall is so huge it looks stupid. :(

 Im obsessed with our window treatments, they are an light pretty linen and create such a dramatic look that it's been missing! 

I added the wardrobe to the left of the dresser, I don't love having this awkward standing closet in my room but I really had no other choice! And yes, there are supposed to be doors on it but for some reason my hangers don't fit in the wardrobe so the doors won't shut!? Whatever, that thing was a PAIN IN THE BUTT to put together so its staying that way!

This is my favorite thing I added this weekend. Last time I was home I found some of my dads stuff and pictures from college. I fell in love with these three pictures he took for a college class and just knew I had to incorporate them into something! The picture of the house is actually a picture of my mom standing on the porch looking all model-esque and she has some serious Farrah Fawcett hair going on! 

The closet looks SO much better now! These pictures do not do it justice! All of Jeremy's suits and work shirts now have space and aren't crammed. I also kept my maxi dresses/skirts on this rack since they were too long for the wardrobe. 
I love that I freed up the floor of those awful plastic shoe things. I bought a stacking shelf and just put all of Jeremy's dress shoes and nice sneakers there.
Once the hall closet was clear of his suit jackets I was able to put all our coats and sweaters in the hall closet. I also added a simple over the door shoe holder to house our sneakers, flip flops and yucky shoes, loving that those are out of the closet now and out of my sight!!  

Since I got rid of one tacky shoe holder I obviously had to get another to hold my crazy amount of shoes...
There was NO where else to put this crazy thing but I really like that I can see ALL my heels and nice flats now! We never shut our closet door so this works just fine for me!

Lastly I managed to find a cute frame for the adorable print Crystal sent me! 

Alright ladies- find me something to go on the wall above my bed and I will love y'all forever!

happy Monday dolls!


  1. It turned out so good!! I actually really like the look for the wardrobe!!

  2. Looks soo good!! good job!! :) maybe some monogram letters above?! orrrr....a couple prints or mirrors!

  3. Great job! I love how it turned out!

  4. At least all your dresses are pretty colors! That's super lame that the wardrobe doesn't fit hangers though.

  5. Love your new bedding! The room makeover looks fabulous.

  6. I agree with Katie, monogram letters would look great! Or a collage of different kinds of frames. I have a large wall that has nothing on it, no furniture or anything, so I bought a bunch of different sizes, shapes, and types of frames, spray painted them all black and put lots of pictures in it. You can add to it to make it larger and easily remove them if its too big! Just a though!

    It looks GREAT! I went to Ikea this weekend too and there were so many great things! Unfortunately I wasn't shopping for myself haha. Love the comforter!

  7. Wow!!! I love your room looks so beautiful and calming. Maybe try hanging several black and white photos? I have 3 of France and they make me very happy. I have pix on blog of could use places you've been to make it meaningful.

  8. I'm loving your room makeover! It looks fantastic!!

  9. i love the bedding! it's so cute. what if above your bed you put 4 8x10 pics in a row?


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