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Back to School!

It's that time again...
Now that I would consider myself an expert, professional, super duper senior college kid, I feel like I have this whole first day thing down!
(It's ok, I have finally decided on a major and I have stuck to it! ps. the average college student changes their major five times!)

Back To School

Back To School by brenicole88 featuring canvas handbags

I always wear comfy and loose fitting clothes on the first day. A cotton shirt or maybe a light jacket just in case a hall is bitter cold, which they usually are!

I don't take much with me on the first day, I always print out the syllabus for each class and thats about it. I take one notebook to jot down some notes or important info, in cute colors of course!

And duh, my Erin Condren planner is always with me!

What are yall's first day must haves? Or what were your first day must haves?


  1. That is so crazy to think the average college student changes a major 5 times.. Lucky mine was only twice after that I was so close to finishing why change? lol
    Hope had a good first day of schooL!!

  2. I love your back to school supplies! I love writing with sharpies, but I have when they bleed through my paper! But, the colors are fabulous. :)

  3. LOVE that chambray top...and it would go great with bright colored jeans!

    Good luck on your first day back!


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