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30 for 30

Hello, to all of you fellow readers of Basically Bre!
I've been reading her blog for a while now and I absolutely love it.  She has such great style and not only do I take inspiration from her, but I often buy some of the same items she has! I'm just so excited to be guest blogging for her while she and her beau move into their new home.  (Congratulations to them!)

I should introduce myself though.  My name is Hannah and I blog over at TFATO.  It started as a way to chronicle my adventures while I took a "time out" from college and it has turned into so much more. These days, I'm on my second bout of a closet challenge called 30 for 30, first started by Kendi at Kendi Everyday. The idea is to take 30 items from your closet--shoes included--and make 30 different outfits!

Through this challenge, I've learned so much about myself and my style. I've branched out and put together some outfits that I wouldn't have normally thought to wear. Some worked out, some didn't. You can't win 'em all though, right? Throughout this process, I'm not allowed to shop. The idea is to shop your own closet and appreciate the versatility of the pieces you already own. I highly recommend it to any girl that loves fashion and loves a challenge.

This time around, it's been a lot harder than the first time I did it. I live in Colorado, so as you can imagine, it's getting pretty cold over here. Mostly mid-40's recently. Since it's getting so chilly, I'm using 3 to 4 items from my 30 to layer and keep warm. It's hard to come up with ideas for my next outfit. Right now, I'm about halfway through my 30 outfits. I have a lot of creativity ahead of me if I'm going to finish in a timely manner.

If you feel like you're stuck in a fashion rut, give this challenge a try. I promise you'll see your closet with brand new eyes. It's also a lot of fun! I've had a blast chronicling my journey with 30 for 30 on my blog, but you can just do it for yourself, just for fun. I highly recommend it.

I hope all of you lovely readers of Basically Bre have a wonderful week and enjoy your Thanksgiving. And if you eat too much turkey, I hope you find time to take a nap!


Isn't she adorable? I seriously need to try this 30 for 30 once I am all settled in and moved! 
Hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday, I know I am! We close on the house today! AHHHHHH

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