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Life Lately

Oh hey, I'm alive! 
Geez this week has been crazy, finals, work, moving, settling in, etc. Too much going on! 
But I figured I could catch y'all up on a few things that have been happening!

Every spare moment we have been putting the house together and decorating! We went mirror shopping last Sunday... um why is it so difficult to choose a mirror? And why are they so expensive? 

We FINALLY decided on one and just a sneak peek... our living room!

Oh and those pretty wooden floor... DANGEROUS! 
Fresh socks and wooden floors are an awful mix! I hit the top stair and felt myself slipping and couldn't do much from there! I have many pulled muscles, a massive bruise on my ass and a swollen, possibly sprained wrist?! 
Stairs-1 Bre -0

So obviously slip-resistant socks are a necessity in this house now!

My friend Rachel got an adorable pomeranian from a friend in NYC that was displaced after Sandy. The dog is precious, seriously such a well behaved and awesome dog! I am officially a fur-God-mom! yay! haha
But the dogs name... is pancake. 

So my neighbors aren't too bad after all! Some of y'all may have seen my Tweet last weekend about my crazy, loud, super odd partying neighbors... I met them Wednesday night and they're just two young guys, pretty nice! They claim they had no idea the music was so loud I could Shazam the song! I guess I should get to know all my close neighbors before I go all crazy on them at 3am! 
I was tired... ok.

So thats all I have for y'all today! I am once again, exhausted and have way too much to do! I am having a minor surgery on Monday to fix a long term problem that has hospitalized me quite a few times! I should be home Monday night and just have to rest for a few days but they prayers would be appreciated! 

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

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