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Crazy Christmas Recap!

Happy New Year and yes, I am alive! 
Unscheduled two week blogging break was MUCH needed! Sometimes I get too sucked into social media and the web and it just is good to let it go sometimes!

So I'm back and I have a lot to catch y'all up on! 
Let see if I can run through it in a single blog post...

First stop: Ohio! 
I have never met Jeremy's extended family or grandparents so I was seriously due for a trip to Ohio to meet the whole family! 

It snowed...

We had two family get togethers and took some family pics!

And Jeremy's dad fell in love with my camera- cue about 300 random candid pictures...

Christmas Eve we headed back to NC due to the intense snow storm that was headed towards Ohio! We spent Christmas in our new home together and it was wonderful! 

Christmas evening/ the day after Christmas both Jeremy and I got SUPER sick! Awful sick and super bummer since we were both headed to Florida later that week! 

Thursday evening I scraped myself off the couch and jumped on a plane to Orlando to surprise my momma! Every year we go to Florida for Christmas and this is the first year I didn't go. After mom threatening to cancel the trip and listening to the many sad and teary phone calls of how she missed me I decided I had to surprise her and fly down!
That plane ride was miserable, miserable hell due to my sickness but I made it! and boy was my mom surprised! Best part was my step-dads reaction... he was so shocked he didn't even react! He just said "hoooolllyyyy shitttttt"
(ignore how awful I sound!)

I tried to snap pictures when I surprised her but that was a big fail!

I stayed in bed almost the entire day Friday, in freaking Florida! That night we headed to a nice dinner but I only made it about half way through... I was that sick, I passed up sushi!!!
(and yes same shirt as Ohio pics... It's a cute shirt!)

Jeremy showed up in Florida to send off one of his childhood friends to Iraq, we all spent the day at Universal/ Islands of Adventure and suffered that night from being sick and riding roller coasters... yuck! 

We then drove back to NC on Sunday and spent Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday laid up in bed feeling like crap! Whatever this virus is going around is awful I tell ya, awful!! 

Yesterday was back to work and back to reality! Finally feeling well enough to work all day and blog the evening away! 
I promise I'm back to blogging, I've missed y'all!
I have some seriously fun things to share with y'all and blog about, I can't wait!!

Happy Thursday Dolls!


  1. Your mom's reaction was priceless!!! I love that you go to do that : ) Glad you are feeling better! xO

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! And your parents reaction was adorable!!! So glad you had fun!


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