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Friday Five

Five things I am loving this Friday

1. The cold weather
I mean it's not really my favorite but it sure does make laying around in yoga pants more acceptable!
(& a not so favorable thought... don't buy yoga pants from Target, they're crap.)
Which makes me wanna buy these!
2. I'm gonna need this bikini to come back in stock, preferably the day my shopping ban is over!

3. Valentines Day
I love this holiday, probably my favorite! Love and all things pink! I work on February 14th this year so I can't wait to wear pink and spread the love to all the kids!

4. My Charlotte B-Cycle card
Jeremy really wanted me to get the annual membership with him so we could bike together around the city and get some exercise! I was so against this at first because I've never been a fan of biking but after our 6 mile bike last week I really am into it! It was fun and a new way to get some exercise for me!

5. My new Tervis 
(didn't buy this! It was a Christmas present I totally forgot about)
I take a tumbler to work every day, first full of coffee and then it keeps me drinking water throughout the day! I try and fill it up at least twice with water before I allow myself to drink a Diet Coke! 
Um hello, adorable. 

What are y'all loving this Friday??


  1. They have a similar bikini at Southern
    Not sure what the price difference would be, but it's a cute website! You might check it out!

    Southern Jewlz

  2. I am lovin' all the V-day decor also! We are hosting an engagement party for friends and that is the theme. It has given me the perfect excuse to get some new fab v-day goodies!!!

  3. Love this post! Very cool blog. :)

    -Jayma @

  4. I'm on a shopping freeze myself...ugh!

    That biking membership sounds cool! I'm a huge fan of cycle classes and also used to bike around's definitely a great way to get exercise and have fun!


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