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Friday's Fancies

Linking up with Alison this week for Friday's Fancies! This week is New Year--New You! And in 2013 I promise to dress a little classier but with some sass! Sometimes I get caught up in the sweats and t-shirts department and I forget that classy and cute dresses exist outside a Friday night party. I also want to start dressing nicer for Jeremy, you know, cook in some heels and pearls ;) It couldn't hurt! 

Friday's Fancies Jan 4th

What do y'all want to dress yourselves like this year?
More bold? More colorful?


  1. Saw that dress in the window at Kate Spade the other day- so gorgeous! Love that classy & sassiness! :)

  2. More classic for me too.So nice to meet you at The ornament Exchange. You introduced me to Kiki La Rue. I had never heard of it.


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