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Home Tour!

Yay home tour! I know a few of you keep asking me to show more pics of our home so I finally snapped some here and there and here we go!!

This picture was taken the day we signed the contract!

Today I will show y'all the main level in our home! The living, dining and kitchen are all our the middle level of the house and I love having it so open and inviting! 

Once you walk in the front door there is a split staircase, if you walk up you will walk into the main level. Walk down and there is the guest bedroom and laundry closet. (downstairs tour is tomorrow!)

This iron key is by far one of my favorite decorations in the house!

The kitchen was renovated in 2010 with granite countertops, a new backsplash and a flat top stove. And I am seriously in love with it all!

 And no I don't have a conventional oven, its a convection oven along with the microwave! It has taken some time to learn how to cook things in it but I really like it!

This sink is awesome, I love that its one deep sink and that the faucet detaches, I'm in love with a freakin' sink!

 I really hate the current curtain rods and curtains in the living and dining room. The last owner left them all and they're just going to stay there until I can get around to replacing them. I want to hang the curtains from the ceiling and have much thicker rods, the skinny ones look ridiculous!

In yesterday's post I taked about getting an accent chair for the living room now that the Christmas tree is gone. I would want to put it next to the TV in that open space below!

So thats the main level of our home! Tomorrow I will show y'all the downstairs and Friday the upstairs! 
If you want to know where anything is from just comment below and I'll let you know!

ps. I changed up the blog design a little! What do ya think?


  1. Too cute. Love your place. Make sure you enter my giveaway! You would love it!

  2. Looks great Bre! I love it! You both did a great job.

  3. Super cute! And love the modern feel of the place! And agree, an accent chair would be great by that tv.

  4. LOVE the new header girl! Looks great!

  5. Very adorable!
    I would recommend either putting an ottoman (extra seating and can be used to display a tray of decorative pieves) or a table with a lamp or decor next to the tv instead of a chair. I think that would be a great space for either. :)

  6. so cute! i know the exact layout of your home - creepy huh? when my husband and i started looking to buy, this was the first place we looked :)

    ps! i like the tweaks to your design - the smaller header is better, in my humble opinion!!

  7. WOW, your new home is beautiful!! Can you come decorate my house? :D


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