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Rainy Day Thoughts

I recently started scheduling myself so that I have Mondays off, I need those Mondays to prepare for the week, get bills paid, run errands, clean house, etc. 
Today is rainy and really yucky, I also have to stay in today to wait for ADT to come hook our security system up. They said they would be here before noon, its 1:30, no sign of them. sigh. 
A while back I did some random thoughts/ things I wonder post (here and here) and they were a hit! 
So on this gloomy, rainy day, stuck at home I'm going to unload my mind on y'all...

-What happened to "the customer is always right" & customer service in general??
I mean between ADT and Time Warner Cable I have spent countless HOURS on the phone hashing things out with them! Don't tell me I got the $85.99 a month deal and then bill me $202.43. WHAT?!? Yes more than double what I "promised" to pay. After 3 hours on the phone, I got our bill down to $93.00. sigh.
ADT you just blow up my phone. I scheduled the appointment for my day off so please, do not call me 7 times to ask if I want an earlier installation date... I will not be home. Why don't you just make note of this so I don't have to look like the crazy biatch yelling into my phone when you call me for the seventh time. Yes, seven phone calls in one day. 

Does anyone work in the customer service-phone answering industry? I would love to know y'alls side to this!

-Why are my neighbors so obnoxious? I understand y'all are two young bachelors, but come on, Skrillex and other noises at 11am during an appointment in my home and 11pm when I have to be up at 5am?? Y'all think i'm overreacting, seriously the pictures on my wall shake and bounce when these kids turn the music on. It is insane. I cannot even begin to explain how much it annoys me, next time it happens on a Wednesday at 11pm, I'm calling the cops, end of story. 

-Why are people so mean, bitter and just flat out angry? 
This is all I'm gonna say on this or I'll go crazy...
If you have something to say about me, my home, my fiancĂ©, or me being engaged before you, say it to my face. Not on Twitter or any other social media, tell me directly. I will probably just laugh at you because it is NONE of your business how we pay for our home and why my fiancĂ© decided to propose to when he did. 
Own up chick, stop hashing it all out on social media, just tell me because honestly, no one else gives two craps about what you have to say. 

-*side eye* My closet. 
I need damage control, I have too much and I don't know what to do about it. Should I donate some stuff? Should I do a 30 in 30 challenge and see what I don't wear or don't need? I wear scrubs 3-4 days a week so I feel like a closet challenge would be pointless because it would take me forever to go through all my clothes. I just always feel like I have pieces that I use very rarely but I love them so I don't want to get rid of things! 
Have some of y'all done closet clean outs? What were your methods?
(oh and that is closet one of two that I have full of my stuff, oops)

- finally, can I sleep for 12 hours every night? Yes, I did sleep for 12 hours last night. 8:30 bedtime isn't too bad after all...

Any thoughts or randoms y'all want to unload on me, go ahead, I'm listening! 


  1. Oh boy. Sounds like someone is a wee bit stressed. I think you need some major "me" time..perhaps a spa day or yoga class. Treat your self.
    I am going on a 3-month shopping diet (just blogged about it today). You could join me in that. I am contemplating starting a Threadflip account to sell things I don't wear or need.

  2. Crazy people better not be harassing my bff! I am so happy for you and Jeremy and love being a part of all the milestones in your life. If people are bitter or jealous over your life then maybe all the endless time they spend on social media could be spent improving their own lives! I love you, Bre!

  3. Definitely do a 30 for 30 challenge first. You'll see everything differently, even the pieces you didn't include for your 30 items. And you'll know exactly where your wardrobe has holes.

  4. Girl no need to stress just pack those clothes up and send them to me! :) jk

    People these days can just be so rude. Sometimes I think no one knows how to be happy for anyone anymore.

  5. Your neighbors are on my enemy list indefinitely now ;)I can't wait to jump in my bed as soon as I get home- I am exhausted. Here's to hope I can sleep for 12 hours!!

    And in regards to meanies- don't let them get you down girl!! love you & your life is yours- don't let anyone try to steal your happiness!!

  6. When my closet (s) get over filled I purge se clothes- ones that don't fit, or served a one night purpose. I suggest goodwill!

  7. I put all my hangers on the rack backwards when I use and wear it, I put it back on the right way. At the end of that season if I didn't wear it once. I get rid of it. Also normally if I bring something home that I just bought I make myself get rid of one thing. It doesn't have to be comparable either if I buy a new pair of jeans I may get rid of a necklace. I don't always do that but every now and then..

    You could also sell your stuff on Poshmark or have a blog sale. That should help.

  8. What is a 30 for 30 challenge!! I need to clean out and I feel this would be perfect!

  9. You hit the nail on the head with the lack of customer service. I hate the lack of/sucky customer service these days. It makes upset bitter customers, why would you want to deal with them?

    And your neighbors? How awful! People have no respect these days! I am so sorry you have to deal with that in your new home! Kill them with kindness? Make them cookies? I never know the right way to approach that!

  10. I saw this thing on Pinterest where you turn all your hangers backwards on the rack in January. each time you wear something, hang it back up the right way. by July you should have a good idea of what you just neverrrr wear so thats when you purge. I can't remember if I pinned it or not but it seemed like a good idea.

    1. p.s. I just saw where Morgan said the same thing ha. thats what I get for not reading the other comments first. whoops.

  11. I give my clothes to my husbands younger sister which I always feel good about helping her out :)

  12. If you can get 12 hours of sleep at night, GO FOR IT! I find nothing wrong with it ;)


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