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That Day I Tried to Photograph Outfits, Alone

Well I got a fancy camera and I thought with this house full of windows I would be able to photograph outfit posts more effectively and frequently. 

You see I have no where in my house to properly photograph outfits, the lighting mid-day is funky, and I have a lot of windows. So when people are walking their dogs outside they can see me being narcissistic, inside, snapping pictures of myself. 
I then decided to give up and just play/learn new things about my camera. I tried out the self timer and shutter thing where it takes like 10 pics in 5 seconds. 
My results... a serious selfie photo shoot, on the floor. Pretending to laugh at something, oh thats right just laughing at myself! 
Maybe I'm pretending to sit in our nonexistent agent chair that I am still desperately looking for!?

If it were still 2003 then I would totally make this my new MySpace prof pic. totally. 

 I really wanted to photograph this outfit. Cute black collar shirt under a lace peplum top with pleather pants and my favorite black booties. sigh. Oh well, instead you got to look at pictures of me and how conceited I am!

 This is kinda how I felt when I realized I still need my BFF Emily to photograph me. Emily, Why you live so far away??

Fashion Blogger FAIL!
Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous as well as your outfit pretty girl! xo

  2. Love the outfit! I still feel like an idiot when we are in public & I get hubs to take the pics. You get it girl!

  3. These are hilarious!! Loving your hair girly!!!

  4. hahaha the outtakes from this day are too funny! I will be there this weekend and we can be narcissistic together and take Outfit pics! boom, done!

  5. you look so pretty it doesn't even matter! ;)

  6. Loving your hair. How do you get it to curl like that. I need an imaginary friend Emily to come help me out with that.

  7. This is adorable! Your outfit is awesome...I wish I could pull something like that off!

  8. this post made me giggle! I think you look great and I can just imagine how funny and fun it was to do selfie fashion pics! keep 'em coming, girlfriend! :) xoxo

  9. Haha this is too cute! Your hair looks perfect in every picture!

  10. Ok - first of all I hate you 'cause your hair is awesome. Secondly.. I want those pants - where from?

  11. So how did you get the camera to auto focus on the timer without being behind the lens to take the photos? Just curious! :)


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