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Wedding Wednesday

This week- Wedding Colors!
So I've had a serious time with colors, I have imagined my bridesmaids in every color under the sun and every color makes me want to gag. 
I hate the thought of turquoise, green or yellow on the girls and purple makes me cringe. No black, no grey, too boring. 
White, tan light pink? Now you're talking! 

Yes, white. I will not be wearing solid white so possibly my bridesmaids can? Tan or nude, so classy and chic. The only thing I worry about tan or nude is blending in with my blonde beauties! 
So baby pink it is!

This is the pin that made me swoon over light pink & the groomsmen wearing kakhi!

We still don't have a date (I know, I know!) but were thinking late summer of 2014. I know this light of pink may seem wrong for late summer but I think its perfect, once again, fall colors make me gag so I'm the bride and I make the rules. 

Here are some other pins I have found for my pink and gold wedding!

How perfect, this cake already has a B on top!

These pictures make me so happy inside! I want my table to look exactly like this!

Ok now I need to seriously start wedding planning! Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. I wanted pink and gold so bad but our wedding was in November so I just used them as accents. You can definitely use them in the summer though!

  2. girl you do what you want, its your wedding. Mine is in October and there isn't a 'fall' color to be found. you can make anything work! I'm having my guys in khaki tux/suits.

  3. I think pink done right can look great in any season. And I am kind of dying over that cake!

  4. These colors are to die for! They are so classic! and that dress is incredible!

  5. What a pretty color combo. What color(s) are you going to wear?

  6. I love light pink! I finally decided on light pink and tan for my bridesmaid dresses. The tan/nude has a gray undertone and the guys are going to wear gray suits. Our wedding is in October, so I can totally relate with not wanting to do a typical Fall color.

  7. I did that same color pink for my wedding in August! I absolutely loved it and it was so flattering on all the girls. The guys were in black tuxes and wore light pink bow ties. I looked into khaki and really liked it, but it would have washed out my husband. You should check out my pinterest wedding board or my fb for some ideas!

  8. I like those colors! I too didnt like most colors, so I went with a black and white theme.


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo