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Mother Native Jewelry

A while back my cousin sent me some awesome earrings that I have been meaning to share with y'all! My cousin Megan is huge in the arts and music scene in Boise, and has some really artistic friends! She picked out some amazing pieces of art for my ears!
When she sent me the earrings the card that came said Mother Native, but you can get in contact with and purchase from Wild Lustre on Facebook!

I just love that the earrings are such a statement in themselves. Pair with a simple chambray or white v-neck and you have an awesome outfit! I love the colors and design of these earrings! The artist is so talented and has so many amazing handmade pieces!

Thank you so much cousin, I love them & you!!

ps. my blog sale still has awesome items! Go look!


  1. love love love those earrings!

    Also, I wanted to let you know about a page I started to hopefully connect all the Charlotte-area bloggers. I hope you'll check it out and link your blog up to the directory!

  2. Love those! I am getting some ASAP!

  3. umm dying over these and love how you paired them so simply!

  4. Have you thought about getting a PoshMark account? I saw your closet sale, and it is a great way to market your items plus they cover shipping! Just a thought :)

    P.s. your blog is great


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