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The Sneaker Wedge

The what?
I was confused too, also quite disgusted that anyone would wear a sneaker outside of the gym.
 AND with a wedge?!? 

So I spent some time on Pinterest...

Then they started growing on me...

So I got a pair. 

Now I'm obsessed.
I really didn't think I could pull something off like this but after throwing on a simple top and big scarf I was in love. I tried all weekend to make outfits around these shoes! 

Once I started looking into just how popular these little babies have gotten, I was shocked! I mean even Neimans is carrying them, and they're cute! But no worries, this sista wasn't about to pay an arm & leg for some shoes. So duh, Target has done it again. 

(*side note: I didn't break my shopping ban, I had a gift card! Holla!)

Seriously they're comfy and cute. Win, win. Not to mention Jeremy loved me in them, he went wild when I came downstairs for dinner in a pair of sneakers! Love him.

What are y'alls thoughts on this trend?

1 comment:

  1. i love the black ones! and that pic of the girl with the shorts and red bag is REALLY cute!


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