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Awkward & Awesome

-My work day on Monday. 
I don't know if the madness or awkwardness of things that kept happening that made me wanna cry, but either way it was one hell of a day! 
Example: a 13 year old SCREAMING, crying at the top of her lungs because I needed an accurate weight on her, her mother also crying, "I'll just tell you her weight, just please give her some tylenol!" "No mam, I cannot accept a stated weight and we cannot give her jack crap until she stops screaming like a 4 year old and gets on the scale." They continued to both scream and cry until I had to pick her up and put her on the scale. I later found them spooning each other.  

-Jeremy left his credit card at a restaurant this past weekend so I went on Tuesday to pick it up. I tell him the name on the card and the guy says "well you're not Jeremy so why should I give you this card?" My response: "oh, its my fiancés, but I can describe the card to you and probably tell you the last 4 digits!" Waiter: "huh fiancé? Don't you need a ring on your hand to be engaged?" me: "just give me the freaking card." 
My ring was being sized and yes, I felt dumb. 

-Last week Jeremy and I tried out a new restaurant uptown, which meant a new building to find our way around. Upon leaving there was a revolving glass door, Jeremy really wanted to go through it. So he tried, except it was all very clean glass and he ran smack into the side of the door, literally smashing his face and bouncing back off the glass. There were two security guards watching and I , along with them, lost it. Pee my pants lost it. 

-I was walking in the stairwell at school last night, thinking I was alone, and farted. Everyone farts, don't even try to tell me you don't. But I wasn't alone, and some old guy chuckled and yelled "GOOD ONE!" I applaud myself. 

-Getting my ring back after two weeks! I was having panic attacks every time I didn't feel it there, so glad it fits now! 

-Being off work for 10 days! I have to go back to my hometown to babysit some family friends while their parents are in Florida! They're both older kids and in school so it will be a nice little vacay for me!

-Having a spring-cleaned house! Tuesday I scrubbed this house top-to-bottom for about 6 hours. I am SO happy now! However my thighs are sore, too much cleaning?

-This cup.
I got it from Bed, Bath & Beyond but I heard they have colored ones at Walmart! Etsy also has some cute monogrammed ones!


  1. love that tumblr! it's perfect!

  2. Love that tumbler. I may have to look into a monogrammed one for NCSU tailgates. We just got our season tickets!

  3. Oh my god that cup is incredible. Also, there is nothing funnier than seeing someone walk into a door. I don't know why, but it's too hilarious.

  4. Love this! Is this a link-up? If not you should totally start one!


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