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Five Things & Three Pictures

...I'll let you sit on those for a minute. 
ps. one of these was taken in 2006

one. Thanks to most of you for the kind words on yesterdays post! I guess some people thought it didn't need to be written? I don't care what you think, its my blog, i'll write what I want. It also wasn't to justify anything, it was simply just me putting my thoughts out there, which I'm also allowed to do. 

two. I once got really drunk freshman year of college and slept on someones bathroom floor, my mom called, I told her I was at the grocery store. Next time I was drunk I told my mom I was at the grocery store. She eventually caught on and still asks me to this day if I'm "going to the grocery store" on Friday night. 

three. Speaking of my mom, I talk to her at least once a day. If I have the day off I talk to her about 9 times a day. If I don't answer or call back she will call Jeremy, or a friend she knows I'm with. She often thinks I'm lying dead somewhere. She's a worrier. Read number two again and she has every reason to worry. 

four. Ive broken my right foot three times and I've broken four fingers on my right hand. The foot was from 1. playing kickball, 2. doing a cart-wheel in my bedroom and hitting my dresser and 3. attempting to cut my cast off, succeeding and then falling down the stairs. Fingers- all happened from punching walls, I had an anger issue in high school. Come at me bro.

five. Almost four years ago I was in the hospital, admitted with a severe kidney infection, caught swine flu, then got pneumonia from being in bed for so many days. I was in the hospital for a total of 9 days. I didn't shower for 7 of them and I refused bed baths because everyday there was some creepy high schooler in CNA clinicals trying to bathe my ass. My mom finally drug me out of bed and sat me in the shower and just poured soap on me. I was narsty but I didn't feel good, so I didn't care. Still don't. 

six. Figured I would give y'all six since one didn't really count. 
The first picture above was taken in 2006 and since my dad was cheap, he decided to send it out to over 400 people, as my high school graduation announcements. The middle picture was from vacation, wearing a paleo man shirt (as in paleo diet) very sunburnt and drunk off seersucker drinks in Charleston. #winning The third picture is from Thanksgiving three years ago, I was making fun of my drunk mom. I was not drunk. for once.

Happy Thursday, its almosttttt time to drink green beer!


  1. Oh girl I talk to my mom at least once a day and the same goes for if I'm off, I call her between errands haha. I work at a hospital too so I understand, if you didn't come in with something, your leaving with something else. I constantly wash my hands and shower before and after work. Have a great day!

  2. I’ve contemplated commenting for the sake of looking like a complete stalker…  I recently found your blog via something to do with Marley Lilly (can’t quite remember). I, too, am from NC but currently living the desert life in AZ. I’m a 24 year old Medical Researcher living with my Charlotte-native beau.

    I don’t know if it’s the combination of your love for your Mr., love of all things fashion, or the fact that you love wine just as much as I do made me realize that we might be long lost BFFs, haha. But honestly, all stalky-ness aside, I just think you should know how adorable your blog is!

  3. I've been a reader for a while but I thought I needed to comment. Sorry if people were negative about your post yesterday. :( I thought it was kind of sweet. And OMG my mom just went on a cruise for a week and I had no idea who to call on my way home from work (that's usually when we talk everyday). lol. My husband thought it was a little strange just how much I missed her. hahahaha

  4. I re-read the comments from Wednesday's post and no one said anything negative regarding the subject. However, I was the only one that said that post wasn't really necessary but that was not meant at all in a negative way. OF COURSE it's your blog and you can write whatever you want, as you's your blog! I guess the something got lost in translation about you not having to write that post but seriously, take that in a very positive way. Sometimes written words can be perceived in a wrong way if the author (me) doesn't do a good job in the delivery of the message. So please forgive me if that comment came off negative because there was NO negativity from it AT ALL! I think your readers all support your decision to do whatever it is you do! After all, we wouldn't be your readers if we didn't feel that way! :-)


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo