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My Magazine "Debut"

About a month ago I was contacted by Charlotte Magazine to do a photo shoot for their March issue on fashion bloggers. I was very flattered and instantly accepted and was so excited for that Saturday! 

They pulled 22 staple spring pieces and had 7 Charlotte bloggers put a look together! 

1- Me!
2&3- Kelly & Kate/ Baubles & Cocktails
4- Amanda/ The Amanda G 
6-Michelle/ Pinque
7- Whitley/ The Queen City Style

It was so much fun and I really enjoyed the day and meeting some awesome new Charlotte bloggers!

When I saw those floral pants I just had to, this isn't exactly my thought of a spring outfit but I was dying over these pants!!!

Unfortunately my hair was out of control so the hair dresser pulled it back, wahhhh. Kind of something that makes me cringe, and I REALLY wish I would have spoken up and said no because I really don't like the pictures they chose because of my hair. Like really don't like them- don't even look at the magazine- so mad- don't like them. 
Theory rodiana silk tee in black, $75, Neiman Marcus; Sylvia Benson spears on gold chain necklace, $130, Sloan; Charles Albert fossil shark tooth cuff, $145, Sloan; Breckenridge floral jeans, $385, Sloan.

Regardless of the pictures I really did enjoy the opportunity and being able to meet new friends! Thanks to Laurel for all her handwork the day and for picking out some awesome pieces!  

So if you happen to pick up the magazine or vote online please just ignore the odd looking girl in floral pants. The "natural" hair back look just isn't for me!!

If you click HERE you can vote for the look you like the best (hopefully mine!) and be entered to win a $200 Visa gift card for a new spring look for yourself! 


  1. What an awesome experience. I do agree, you could have done your own hair better than they did!

  2. Aw, I think you look great! I kinda felt the same way about my hair, the makeup was fabulous but the hair just wasn't "me." I guess we live and learn :)

  3. That's pretty awesome that you got the opportunity to do this!! And of course, you know I voted for you!! :)

  4. I totally get the hair thing, taking pictures with my hair pulled back makes me look like a boy... tragic! Such an amazing opportunity for you congratulations girl!


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