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St. Patty's 2013

Charlotte host the largest bar crawl in America every year, last year there were over 15,000 people in uptown Charlotte! I don't know the count for this year, but it sure was a heck of a lot of fun! 

Emily & Brian joined in this year and it was so fun being with a friend for the fun day!

The weather was GORGEOUS! Sun shining and a cool breeze, shorts (& shots) it was!

Being the Sons Of Anarchy freaks we are, Jeremy and I just had to have a few drinks at the Belfast Mill!

We ended the day with some serious dancing and far too many pictures...

TOO much fun! Love me some spring time fun with Emily!

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  1. Oh what a fun time! And looks like you had fantastic weather for it too!!

  2. I was in charlotte visiting my fam this past weekend and we were eating in Dilworth at Pikes and saw all the people walking to the light rail! It looked like a good time and it was so beautiful outside!

  3. My boyfriend did it this year and he said it was so fun! I can't wait to do it next year!! Looks like you had a blast :)


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