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Styling: Anniversary Outfit

Last week was our two year anniversary, we decided to actually go out to a very nice dinner and exchange gifts. Normally for occasions or holidays we just don't do anything big, its unnecessary to us. We enjoy life every day and splurge on each other when we feel like it, I don't need a holiday or occasion to buy my fiancĂ© something. 
But anyways, so we went to 5 Church here in Charlotte and decided we would just enjoy dinner with no limitations on how much we could spend, or what bottle of wine we could get! 

I really wanted to dress up nice and go out, all but it was a lovely 28 degrees here in CLT and that just sucks for outfit planning. I stared at my closet for a good 30 minutes and decided on this
The maxi is actually a dress, its the long sleeve black maxi from Old Navy everyone was lusting over a few months back!
I threw the sweater over it since it was so cold, and belted it so I didn't look like a boxy creature. The scarf is a new purchase and I just had to wear some leopard, as I do in almost every outfit! 
I wore my black high heel booties to feel sexy and viola! One of my favorite outfits I've ever thrown together!

Anniversary Outfit


  1. i really do love this outfit-- very chic but comfortable! and you rock that high bun so well! xoxo

  2. I love this outfit. So comfy and chic! Oh and I am in love with the floral dress I bought from you! I can not wait to style it in the spring and summer!

  3. I love this! I really wanted to try the maxi skirt trend, but now I'm just going to go look at my maxi dresses!

  4. Ooo what a good idea to throw a sweater over the maxi dress!
    And leopard is always a good addition to any outfit in my opinion ;D


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