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DIY: State Outline Picture

A few weeks back I Instagrammed a picture of some state outlines I had drawn and got questions if I could post a tutorial! 

You will need: 
-8x10 paper (I cut regular letter size paper to be 8x10)
-pen or marker (I used a liquid felt pen)
-paint or colored marker to fill in the heart
-printable of your state from this website
-a big window with light coming in!

The website I used was the only website I found that printed the states large enough, however NC printed so big it went beyond the 8x10 paper so I kinda just eyeballed the state and shrunk it to fit! (unfortunately, after I had already made and finished all three on 8.5x11 paper!) You may have to search around to find the size of state you want, there were SO many websites with printable state outlines! 

I then dotted out the cities I wanted to heart on each print! I also wanted to add the school logo that each of them were going to so I sized and printed those out also!

 Next is where the window comes into play! I put the 8x10 paper over the print of the state and traced it! Easy as pie! 

 I then traced the city with the heart and traced the school logo in the middle of the state! 
I painted the hearts with the school colors and let them dry! 

 I got 3 simple black frames from Target for about $3 each and viola! Done!

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