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Friday Five

Happy Friday Dolls! 

1. THIS WEATHER! Oh my gracious! I was put on call for most of the day yesterday and today I don't have to go into work until 3 and I am just soaking up this weather! (literally!) I have been front porch tanning for about three days now! Hopefully I will start getting a little tan!

2. This semester is over! So glad it is finally over and I can focus on other things for awhile! It will be nice to have days off of work and just relax, possibly clean the house, it always needs cleaning! But I can't wait to have this summer off from test and papers! 

3. I decided that since I have this summer off I need to start shaping up and attempting to work out! This week I started to do some leg, butt & abs workouts and I love them! I have been so sore but I know my body and I am really hoping to see some results! 
This workout was just fun!

4. Speaking of bikini body, if this bathing suit doesn't get here soon, I might go hunt the UPS truck down myself...

5. Linking up with AV from Long Distance Loving for Weekend Wear this Friday! 

This is my ideal weekend outfit! I love these lace shorts and obviously anything paired with chambray is a perfect combo! I love the colored lip with the blues, such a cute pop of color!


  1. I have been wanting some lace shorts!! They look good on you! Love that bathing suit!

  2. Obsessed with your outfit! You look great! Happy Friday :)


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