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What's In Your Bedside Drawer?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of

My bedside drawer, what does it say about me? If you would have looked in it last week it would have said I was a hoarding mess, but after my spring cleaning last week it says a lot about me! 

I am confident, a girly girl, I love my family, I am a thinker, a dreamer, a believer, I like to relax, I am planning for my future and possibly I am obsessed with chapstick.
My Bible and devotional are very important, and they aren't in the drawer! Bibles shouldn't be hidden and seeing it everyday is a reminder to dig in and indulge in the Word of God! My pictures, cards and letters in my bedside drawer are my little memories of special times in my life and things I can look back on if I am ever missing my family! My eye mask is a must, my room brings in a lot of light and If I'm ever trying to sleep in, this baby is a must! I shoulder roller is key, I hold a lot of stress in my shoulders and rolling this over them sometimes relieves a little bit of that stress! (Especially paired with a glass of wine!) My remote controls are so necessary, how else am I going to watch Grey's Anatomy while massaging my shoulders, drinking a glass of wine and blogging? Guess you could say I'm a multi-tasker too! My pain reliever and lip balms are quite possibly the most essential pieces in this drawer! Advil for those "morning headaches" and I can't tell you how many times a night I wake up and lather my lips in chapstick! 

Last but not least, my birth control! I choose to use an oral birth control. I set a daily reminder for a certain time of day and everyday at that time I take my birth control! This shows that I am planning for my future, my family's future. I would never want to bring a child into this world without preparation, making sure my family is ready, and most importantly, that I am ready! BY me remembering to take my birth control everyday I am preventing an unplanned pregnancy and planning for my future and life! 

How do I remember to take my birth control everyday?! This is an amazing site that helps you choose your method of birth control and gives you the resources to empower yourself and take control of your reproductive health! provides you with a Where To Get It option, find a center or doctor near you to get birth control thats right for you! They provide a Method Explorer so you can explore your options and have an idea of which method of birth control may be correct for you! The best part is they have a Reminder option where you can set appointment reminders and even daily, weekly, and monthly birth control reminders! I mean they will send you a text message when you have to take your birth control! So easy!

Every girl has that bedside drawer that holds the bedroom essentials: their Kindle, a pair of reading glasses, sexy lingerie.- whatever fits their personality. No matter what your drawer says about you, there's birth control that will fit right in. Find the best method for your routine and style at

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of

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