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A Favorite Movie Quote

One of my favorite movie quotes would be from Knocked Up. 
When Katherine Heigl is super preggo and laying on her bed and her sister walks in and says: "We're gonna go LIVE! We're gonna be POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE!" 

I have no idea why I loved this part so much but it has always been in my head! Ask anyone I work with or most of my family members I often walk around saying, "LETS BE POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE!" 

Now I know I can be negative Nancy, I am not judging here! But I cannot deal with the constant negative Nancy's! You know, the person who walks into work every morning who starts their day with, "UGH THIS SUCKS AND THAT SUCKS AND MY LIFE SUCKS!" No thank you! 
I just feel like recently I have been surrounded by a lot of negativity! I need some positive, positive, positive in my life! 

Today I challenge you to say at least one positive thing to yourself and to someone who is thinking along the negative train! today, think POSITIVE!


  1. This is so true! I try to have a positive outlook on a day to day basis. This is a great reminder!

  2. I love positivity! Negative Nancy's just bring me down.. I work with some people like that and it's just depressing. I love that quote from Knocked Up, I may have to start using that. ;)

  3. Love this! Great little reminders! :)


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