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I have curly hairs. Shocking, I know. But tis true, I have naturally curly hair. 

Growing up I found this to be a curse, I hated it! I had no idea how to manage it and all through high school I damaged the heck out of it just to make it stick straight every day! Throughout college I would wear it natural if I was running late or hungover! (just being honest) 
About a year ago I decided that I needed to stop damaging my hair so much and let it go natural every once in awhile, well that backfired quick! Basically the 8+ years of a straight iron had made my hair no longer naturally curly, but naturally frizzy and weird wavy. WHOMP!
After many hours on the inter-webs and talking to my amazing BFF hair stylist, I discovered a few tricks and products to bring out my awesome curls!

After months of trial and error, I am finally bringing my results to y'all! 

First off, my least favorite:

 I LOVE all of my moroccan oil products so I was so excited about this one but it made my hair feel heavy. It is a thicker cream and my curls were non-exsistant with it, more wavy. Every time I used this I had waves instead of curl!

Out of all the Miss Jessie's curl products, I heard and read that this one created the soft, frizz free curls. Which is exactly what I wanted, and got. However with the frizz free I got the "wet look." I loved the curls and they stayed all day but I would rather have some frizz and not wet looking hair!
Excuse my face, I was not trying to seduce you.

Love, Love, Love! My hair was very lightweight and held curl all day long with this stuff! I think the trick for my hair is a mousse, any gel or cream just weighs it down too much! This mousse not only smells wonderful but did exactly what I wanted it to do, hold my curls and not look awful by hour 12 at work!

As much as I loved the L'Oreal mousse I also love a good cheap drug store brand. I grabbed this one random drug store trip at the beach so I didn't have to flat iron my hair and it is hands down, my go to curl tamer!
HEAVEN. The lightest mousse I have ever used, holds my curl like no other, hardly any frizz and you really can't ever use too much! I have doused my head in this stuff and always come out with fabulous looking curls! Works just as wonderfully as the L'Oreal but for 1/4 of the cost! 

Not to mention this is the only stuff I have ever used that still tames my hair the NEXT DAY! Most products glue my hair to my head and make it look a hot mess the next day!

So my conclusion is I have to have a mousse and I should probably stick to the drug store brands! Crazy! 

Any of y'all curly haired ladies have a product I MUST try??

**all opinions and reviews in this post are mine and are in no part associated with the brands and companies mentioned here.


  1. I will have to check it out! My hair also loves mousse or a tiny dollop of cream. I am currently loving the Bed Head "On the Rebound" Curl Cream (I use about a dime size) and the Pantene No Crunch Curls Whip.

  2. Any type of cream or gel weighs my hair down too...especially since it's already heavy in length. I have been using the Totally Twisted mousse from Herbal Essences for years now and absolutely love it! I've tried switching to other stuff recently to change up my routine, but nothing has worked as well as the Tottaly Twisted stuff.

  3. Love this post! It looks like we have a very similar hair type (and hair history, lol). Can't wait to give some of these a try! I've also fallen in love with Not Your Mother's: Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt Spray. It can leave hair a little sticky if you use too much but I love the beachy look!

  4. I have always wanted hair like yours!! Mine is just straight. Have to use lots of volumizing mousse to help it out!

  5. this is so great! I am in the same boat with trying to bring my curls back out after years of damage from the straightner. I used a cheap Suave product in college that worked pretty well! I'm with ya on the low cost haha! I'll have to try the fructis! :)

  6. I am on the same boat as you! All through junior high I wanted super straight hair. Well, with being in college, I've given up on trying to look cute and impress WHOMP. Only one side of my hair has natural waves and the other looks like I used my straightener. Epic fail. Hoping to try out one of these products to make me look less of a hot mess!

  7. After years of straightening I now have wavy messy hair too so I can't wait to try your favs! I'm curious do you put it in as soon as you get out of the shower? Do you let it dry down or in a towel or do you use a diffuser?


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo