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Denim Crush

I know I've blogged on this subject before, but I'm pretty sure that was over a year ago. So I think I can blog about it again! I have an obsession with denim shorts in the summer. Last summer I had to stop myself from wearing them literally every single day! I finally bought a few colored pairs and started wearing them a lot this summer, but of course I wore my favorite denim pair on Monday and now I can't stop!

I have three pairs and it would be a crime if I didn't share them with y'all!

Denim Crush

I recently got this pair from Old Navy for a whopping $1.60! My Visa card is through Gap Co. and so I get Old Navy rewards for every penny I spend. Hence why I shop at Old Navy like crazy and get basically free clothes! Anyways, I wasn't too fond of these shorts to being with but after realizing that I am no longer 15 and need shorts that are a little longer I started loving these! They are a great length and a great comfy denim material! I got the darkest color in these and love them!

My Forever 21 denim started my obsession, I bought them for about $11 and figured they would last me about half a summer. Wrong, were going on summer #3 and they are hand down my favorite. They are a little on the shorter side so I usually only wear these at the beach or when I'm just kinda doing things on my own! They go with everything and I love that they are super frayed and worn looking!

The Joe's jeans were a dumb purchase on my part since I never really wear them but they are great for dressing denim up! I wear these when I wanna wear a cute blouse or some fancy wedges with denim shorts! The wash is on the darker side and they aren't frayed or have holes so they look presentable for dinner or a night out!

What are yall's favorite denim shorts?


  1. I've got to get new denim shorts this year. I haven't found the energy to search for a new pair in quite some time.

  2. I got my favorite pairs at Target! One's light colored and very soft, and the other pair is more high waisted. I love them both and got them for pretty cheap!

  3. I neeeeed some new denim shorts! This is great! :)


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