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If I Die In Raleigh At Least I Will Die Free

The itch has been scratched, I went to Raleigh. 

Monday after work I hit the road and was in Raleigh before I knew it! My old roommate and forever best friend, Hayley was awaiting my arrival with cold Blue Moons and a smile! 

We went to our favorite little hole in the wall place and grubbed on fried pickles and hot chips! 

And of course we had to stop by the College Beverage to grab some more cold ones!

The sun was setting and so it was a must to drive by Carter-Finley and see it in all of its glory! 

We also may have stopped by our old apartment where many nights were spent together, causing ruckus and drinking wine!

Tuesday I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister checking out her new off-campus dorm and buying some dorm room essentials! We then headed to this amazing new mexican joint on Glenwood and had dinner with Sophie! Sophie was the adorable little girl I was a nanny to for over a year and she will be my flower girl in my wedding!

We spent Tuesday night my Uncles house with his girls, painting nails and doing facials!

Wednesday we spent ALL DAY on campus for freshman orientation! Holy crap, that was by far the most boring thing I have ever sat through! Mom & I skipped out on the last two "lectures" of the day and had some wine at Cheesecake Factory, thank goodness!

Wednesday night Hales & I packed up some more wine and saw Monsters University! So cute and funny!

I headed home Thursday morning and am back at work today, sad. But hey, as soon as I leave work I'm headed to the lake! Guess I have it pretty good after all! 

What are y'all doing this weekend?


  1. I can't get enough of Sophie's pictures!!!! SHE IS THE CUTEST

  2. Yes, that little girl is PRECIOUS!

    So great seeing you last night!! Have a fabulous weekend

  3. Aww all the memories! My four years at State were too short that's for sure!

  4. i love that you 'skipped' out and got wine. what college is really about :)

  5. I give you props for lasting through more than one "lecture" for orientation! ha I was the 4th of my siblings to go to college so my parents asked if I could ride up with a friend for orientation since they had been 3 times already!
    Your little flower girl is beyond adorable!!


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