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Weekend What?

What? It's Monday? Where the heck did the weekend go? Thank goodness I have today off! 

Last Wednesday/Thursday I had a hair overhaul! My BFF Rachel got in some blonde lifting product and I was of course the guinea pig for the product! She works for Loreal Professional and always gets the good stuff before it hits the salons! I seriously let this girl do whatever to my hair, I have always been so happy with the end result so I never worry! However, my natural hair as a little girl was bleach blonde, I'm talking white, I grew up in Florida blonde! So of course thats what this lifting product did, brought out my baby Bre blonde hair!!! 



Just a little too blonde for me!

I LOVED how the ends looked and how all my natural highlights were coming through but my roots were white, bleached blonde!
So Thursday night Rachel went back in and worked her magic and I am back to a beautiful blonde color, all over! I surprisingly haven't taken a picture of myself and my new hair yet, I'll post it later once I get ready!

Saturday was the first Saturday in about two months that we didn't have plans or somewhere to go! You bet we put our butts in some lounge chairs and didn't move till the sun went down! 

Clearly I had a good time... reppin' the Peach State Pride from Jamie & Rachel!

 Because this blog post is totally random and super ADD, I figured I would throw in this picture. Sunday my mom called me freaking out saying there was a snake coming out of the hood of the car... She wasn't being crazy for once, there was actually a snake coming out of the car! 

 We finally got to go to church on Sunday and not watch it live or go to someone else's church! I wore my hair super natural and slept on and slipped on one of my favorite summer dresses!

My weekend went by WAY too fast and I'm already counting down to next weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Which salon do you go to in Charlotte? I am transferring to a school there for this fall and will be looking for a new salon!! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Holy bananas I would FREAK THE CRAP OUT if I saw a snake coming out of my car like that!! Side note...your hair looks fabulous!!

  3. That snake freaked me out! And you've inspired me I HAVE to get a monogram tervis tumbler now, I'm obsessed with yours.

  4. OMG the snake, i would have died. all day pool days are the best.

  5. Oh my gosh, that snake!! I would have screamed my lungs off. Holy scary. I'm a tervis hoarder. They're the best!

  6. I would lose my freakin' mind if a snake came out of the hood of my car. Oh my gosh!

  7. I love your white dress! So cute.


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo