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2,896 Miles.
That's how many miles I have traveled in the past two weeks.
Charlotte-Buffalo-Ontario, Canada-Charlotte-Ohio-Chicago-Charlotte. Traveled to/through 9 States, 2 Countries! 

I am SO glad to be back in Charlotte and most importantly, in North Carolina! I have not missed the heat and humidity but I have missed NC! And FYI, this post is going to be super ADD, my head isn't totally back to reality yet.

Last Saturday Jeremy and I packed up the car and started the drive to Chicago! We decided to stop in Columbus, Ohio to see his family and to break the trip up a bit!
His family threw Jeremy a surprise birthday party on Sunday and it was GORGEOUS! It was so nice to relax, eat some delicious food and obviously shoot some potato guns!

Monday morning we were up and heading to Chicago! Jeremy's good friend from high school moved to Chicago back in February with his girlfriend, so we were thrilled to get to see them!

Tuesday Forrest and Erin had to work so we of course browsed the Magnificent Mile and did a little sight seeing!

Wednesday Erin had off work so we beached bummed the morning hours and then did a little more sigh seeing and of course, eating!

They have a super cute boston, Oscar, hes awesome.

He misses the grassy life in that big city, so crafty Erin made him some...

I drank more Starbucks than I thought was humanly possible. Thank you Starbs on every corner, oh and for being open 24 hours.

They never got my name right, this was the worst of all! Maria?!?

I discovered the most incredible beer. A little hipster but a lot amazing.

Thursday we day boozed with Forrest while Erin worked and saw The Second City comedy show, hilarious!!

Friday we might have day boozed some more and then went on a booze cruise. What can I say, it was vacation!

I ate some of the most incredible food of my life! I would have taken pictures but seriously every time we ate I was so engulfed in the food, nothing else existed!
The bars were awesome also but incredibly packed, I almost had a panic attack this night...

I got Oscar cuddles galore, which has only made my doggy fever worse!

And we now have proof that Jeremy indeed does have a heart for small animals!

I was dumbfounded at the fact that my toes could be in sand but I had a MAJOR city in my rear view!?

And last but not least, two snaps to the person who can tell me wtf is going on with this chicks hair? #badhairday

And now I need a good week to detox, loose 15 pounds and get back to reality. le sigh.


  1. OMG I know that chick!!..

    Just kidding, but wouldn't that be hilarious!??! Welcome back!

  2. 2 Things:

    1. Yah! You're back and I MUST see you soon! Next Monday is looking like a plan...

    2. Sitka told me just last night that she wished she has some more doggie cousins!



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