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5 On Friday

1. I am exhausted, I don't really know how I am typing right now. Today isn't my Friday, tomorrow is. Which is Saturday so then I just have to wait another week for my Friday. ugh.

2. I think I've been fighting a summer cold for about 2-3 weeks now. I strongly believe I haven't come down with the cold thanks to Emergen-C! I take one every single morning and then if I'm feeling crappy I will usually take another one in the afternoon! Seriously, nurses, teachers- take this stuff!

3. I helped a friend move on Tuesday and put her new room & apartment together, but now I have decorating fever. I want to re-do everything. The kitchen, our bedroom, our bathroom. AH! Make it stop!
She did this above her bed except with a "M" in the frame, now I wanna re-do a wall.

About 6-7 years ago this exhibition was in NC and my dad went but I never did, mistake. While I was in NY a few weeks ago the exhibition was there, I still didn't go, mistake #2. 
My mom and family went and apparently I missed out on the most amazing thing ever. My mom bought me a DVD of the exhibit and I have never watched something so incredible. The DVD explains the body on another level, I never learned it like this in A&P! I mean these are HUMAN bodies that have been preserved for science and my viewing pleasure. I was glued to the TV last night. If you are in the medical filed I highly suggest to go see the exhibit or get the DVD. If you live near me and wanna see it, i'll let you borrow it!

5. I feel like I'm gonna need this dress STAT. Oh the possibilities! 


  1. I've seen the bodies 3 times (in 3 states!) it is so cool! It's pretty amazing!

    and I love that dress.

  2. That dress is fantastic! The color is so great!

    I haven't ever seen Bodies, but I've heard such great reviews on it. It's definitely on our list if it ever comes close to us!

  3. I've been taking sooooo much emergen-c lately. Def fighting a cold :(

  4. I miss you but have been seeing all your posts about how busy you are lately! Let's get together when things slow down!

  5. Bodies is totally bananas! I remember when it first opened, I drove 3 hours to the city to see it. Totally blew my mind. Although I remember there being a lot of controversy and mystery as to how they actually got the bodies themselves (possible political prisoners!? - very dramatic).

    Anyway, found you through the 5 on Friday linkup, cute blog :)



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