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5 on Friday!

1. I am starting to really LOVE this link-up! I get a ton of traffic from some pretty awesome bloggers AND I have been introduced to some amazing bloggers! Thanks girls for hosting us!

2. Last night The Charlotte Social hosted the August Meet-up at Blackfinn! 
CHARLOTTE bloggers, we want more participation and girl at these events! Bri and I are going to start planning well in advance and sending out emails with multiple events! We want to meet more amazing girls! 

Bri at Just Bri
Tamra at Blitz And Glam
Allison at In The Queen City

3. I have never really dealt with Charlotte traffic so I can't say I "hate" it like most do. However last night was horrendous. Took me 97 minutes to go 12 miles and another 32 minutes to go SIX miles. However there was a 9 car pile-up, Alive After 5 AND the pre-season Panthers game. UGH I seriously was so wound up and so annoyed I could have killed a kitten. But only a kitten because I don't like cats. SO ANNOYING!

4. As of tomorrow Charlotte will officially have a college football team! GO 49'ers! I know they will suck a big one for awhile but it is just one more thing to love about Charlotte! 

5. This post without planning was just dedicated to Charlotte. I really do love this city, I love the people, the atmosphere, the sports and the everything! I have fallen in love with Charlotte and I'm so happy to be here! I seriously encourage you ladies to join the CLT Social blog! I have grown to love some of these ladies and I seriously look forward to every months meet-up! We have SO many exciting things coming up! Couples meet-ups, holiday dinners, wine tours and fashion events! Come on y'all! 


  1. I wanted so badly to come to the meet-up but I just found out about it via your post Wednesday so I didn't have time to plan with the holiday weekend coming up! Ahh so sorry love :( I hope we can get together soon!! And definitely count me in for September!

  2. Same as Alexa! I only saw it because of your post but I swear I follow the Charlotte Social blog. So confused.

  3. I was so sad I didn't make it. It was a hard choice. I mean, drinks with the girls ... parent/teacher conference ... drinks with the girls ... okay, okay, parent/teacher conference. LOL! I'm hoping I can get down this next month, before the snow comes. Eeep!


  4. Ha, I'm not a cat fan either. Yes, please include me on the email list.

  5. I hate that I missed the meet up! I work Thursdays 1-midnight so until I luck into a normal work schedule, I'm out :( Looks like a blast, though!


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