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Sunglasses & Advil

...last night was mad real.
Thanks Kanye for the post title, probably the only thing I will ever thank you for. That and interrupting T. Swift 4 years ago, I hate that biatch. And you. Hate you both, but thanks for the lyrics for the post title, really.

One obsession I have is sunglasses.
I get in a funk and only have one pair for awhile and then I will blow up the sunglass game. 
I had a Michael Kors pair all through high school and most of college until, I am convinced, my roommate stole them. World shattered. They were so classic, so perfect, and best of all they had my prescription in them! AH! So after that I bought my Ray-Ban Aviators and stopped there for a few years. 
Once I started blogging and really getting into fashion blogging I went a little crazy on the sunnies! I mean doing my hair is enough, so why have to put on makeup for my outfit shoots when I can throw on some adorable, outfit fitting sunglasses? duh. 

Now that I have a pretty sweet collection, I'll share my babies with y'all!


Top Left: Forever 21/ Top Right: Michael Kors (note: I got these on sale for like $60 and now can't find them anywhere besides international companies, odd!)

Middle Left: Michael Kors/ Middle Right: Forever 21 (I have them in tortoise!)

Bottom Left: Urban Outfitters/ Bottom Right: Ray-Ban

I seriously LOVE my little collection of sunnies, hoping to add a few more soon! In my defense to those rolling their eyes at me, half of what I currently have were $20 and under (heck $6 and under!) and the other half I either saved up for or were a present! I  don't ever spend full price on sunglasses (except my Ray-Bans, totally necessary!)

What are yall's favorite sunglasses?

OH AND....
The August Charlotte Social meet-up is Thursday at Blackfinn in the Epicenter from 6-8! Hope to see some of y'all there!!!!


  1. I don't have a favorite brand, but I love the big styles. They just make me feel like a celebrity and give me a lot of confidence for some reason!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. I agree with you on the cheap sunnies...that is mainly what mine consist of too. Hate I'm missing out on the social...this was the first I heard about it :(

  3. My absolute favorites are Oliver Peoples!!

  4. The above collection of UK designer eyewear is very nice, after seen these glasses I want these all sunglasses for different purposes. Everybody have a purpose for to wear sunglasses, my main purpose to wear sunglasses is keep my eyes safe and enhance my personality look as well.


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