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The Dark Side

 I wanna be a brunette again. Bad.

Heres my brunette story...

I had a break-up, so I colored my hair. I liked it but it wasn't dark enough

(along with the hair coloring, I also partied like booze was going out of style. Natural break-up response?)

Colored it MUCH darker...

Then one day it awkwardly turned red. Really red.

And I got mad so I stripped it, it turned grey.
Finally weeks later I got it back to blonde. 

So ladies, what shall I do? I LOVED my brunette hair but omg it was a pain to keep up! Should I head to the dark side??


  1. How fun! You should do it! You are lucky your skin tone goes well with more than one hair color. I am a natural brunette, but I've been highlighting my hair for a while so it is a little lighter. Since fall is not that far around the corner, I'm thinking of letting it get back to is more natural dark color.

  2. I am jealous. I have always wanted to be brave enough to do it. You look great either way.

  3. BRUNETTE! It looks SO good on you!!!! Do it.

  4. it looks really gorgeous dark!! do it! it's just hair...right?!

  5. I'm partial to brunette. It looks great on you...I think you can pull off pretty much anything.'s just hair. You can change it again if you hate it! Coming into Fall is a great time to head to the dark side! :-)

  6. I think you'll look beautiful either way, obvi! but I think blonde is very you :)

  7. I am liking the blonde on you, and I al loving the striped dress in that last picture! Where can I get one!?

    1. I got the dress from Francesca's Collections! They always have cute striped dresses, especially now when their fall stuff is coming out!

  8. I had the same journey! And have been questioning going back! When I tried to strip my hair, they died it black! I had to use color oops!! so thankful for that!


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